Apartment Search Spreadsheet

A simple spreadsheet to keep track of ads, contacts, and appointments for your apartment search. This includes some “sample data”, aka, what entered before. So clear that out, first. Names and phone numbers have been removed. To use it, just paste ad links into it, get the phone numbers, emails, and addresses to fill it […]

USPS Postage Rate Cheat Sheet Comparison (2018)

This is a diagram of parcel postal rate charts to helps you learn how to price your shipping for eBay, or what the shipping costs will be if you pass them on to the consumer. It helps you answer questions like: If I offer free shipping, can my profit get wiped out? Will passing on […]

Comparing Savings to Personal Loans

This is a spreadsheet that helps you decide if you should put your money into savings, or make a personal loan to somebody you trust. There is the risk of nonpayment with the loan, but the odds are good that the return will exceed what a savings account can deliver. There’s just that risk… and […]

Printer Cost Comparison Spreadsheet

This decision support tool calculates the total cost of operating a printer (less the price of paper, which is extremely volatile). While doing your research, make sure to verify that the printer model will accept a specific toner. Some companies (HP) will make similar models that cannot accept higher-capacity toner ink cartridges. This can lead […]