Oil Burning Engine Tracking Log

A form to record odometer mileage and the amount of oil burned up by an “oil burner” car. Fill up the engine oil to H (or F), and look at the dipstick every couple hundred miles. Record the mileage and level of the oil. The form also has a gas fill-up log, so you can […]

Postmates Doordash GrubHub Tracker

I did a little bit of Postmates for a while, and tracked how much I was making per trip. This sheet is PM-centric, but can be altered to work for the other delivery services. Track you location and mileage. For each delivery, enter the mileage, and copy the payment data from your PM screens. The […]

Driving Log

Tracking odometer readings for work or business. This is a generic log that allows for classifying trips for different jobs.

Car Maintenance Log and Checklist

You can drive a car for a long time, if you take care of it. This log is a checklist and reminder to keep on top of maintenance. Just keep it in your glove box with a pencil.

Vehicle Mileage Log

You can use this for work.  It’s what I used to log miles and submit a report for reimbursement.

Gas Mileage

This form helps you calculate your current gas mileabe based on measuring mileage and number of gallons used.