Medical Office Patient Sign In Sheet Template for Appointments

Download this free form to track when people arrive for their appointments.

By knowing when someone arrives in, and what time their appointment is, you can make scheduling decisions to keep appointment times close to their actual reserved time.

Can sign-in sheets be used in doctor offices without violating HIPAA?

The government says: “Covered entities, such as physician’s offices, may use patient sign-in sheets or call out patient names in waiting rooms, so long as the information disclosed is appropriately limited. The HIPAA Privacy Rule explicitly permits the incidental disclosures that may result from this practice, for example, when other patients in a waiting room hear the identity of the person whose name is called, or see other patient names on a sign-in sheet. However, these incidental disclosures are permitted only when the covered entity has implemented reasonable safeguards and the minimum necessary standard, where appropriate. For example, the sign-in sheet may not display medical information that is not necessary.” These forms have only the name and times, thus are meeting the necessary standards.