Restroom and Bathroom Cleaning Log

For small businesses and even homes, to keep track of when and what restroom cleaning was completed. Nobody likes to clean the restroom, so the task is divided between a few different people. How do you keep track if this task is completed, and every person is doing their job? Download the editable version to […]

Legal Warning Signs

These are two signs that employers can use to tell employees and customers about the facility/workplace. This is not legal advice, and if you use these, you do so at your own will, and will not hold this website or anyone associated with this website liable. The text reads: This Facility Contains Chemicals Known To […]

Pizza Menu

A simple printable pizza menu. It’s formatted in the spreadsheet rather than a word processor document.

Costing Recipes

A spreadsheet to calculate the cost per unit of a recipe, and a shopping list to buy enough ingredients to make a specific number of servings. Enter data into the white cells, and see the results in the yellow cells.