Legal Warning Signs

These are two signs that employers can use to tell employees and customers about the facility/workplace. This is not legal advice, and if you use these, you do so at your own will, and will not hold this website or anyone associated with this website liable. The text reads: This Facility Contains Chemicals Known To […]

Weight Loss

This calculates a 5-day average weight. You weigh in daily, and the spreadsheet smooths out the spikes and troughs that are caused by retaining and losing water. Did you know that going to the bathroom and urinating or defecating can cause you to lose four pounds? Talk about an amazing diet pitch: “Lose 4 pounds […]

Blood Sugar Spreadsheet

Track your blood sugar and view it with a chart that’s automatically updated. Useful for diabetics and atheletes. The normal range is below 100mg/dL after fasting 8 hours, and less than 140mg/Dl 2 hours after eating. For people with diabetes blood sugar levels are around 80 before meals.