Contest Rules: Contest #1

You must sign up with your name, email, and zip code.  The winner will be determined by a simple formula.  All the email addresses with a street address and ZIP code will be gathered into a spreadsheet, then sorted by email address.  On April 21st, I will check the final closing price for of the DJIA on Yahoo Finance on Friday the 20th. That number will be multiplied by 100, and rounded off to form an integer.  That number will be divided by the total number of email addresses with ZIP codes in the sign-in-sheet email list.  The remainder of the division (the modulus) will be a number that’s an index into the list of email addresses with ZIP codes.

For example: if there are 31 names, and the final price is 25,335.74, we multiply the DJIA price by 100 to get 2533574, and then divide by 31. The remainder is 6.  (2533574 mod 31 = 6).

Because the modulus ranges from 0 to 30, we start counting at index zero, and go to name 6, which is the 7th email, in alphabetical order.

This person wins the prize.

This contest is open only to people in the United States, aged 18 years or older.

Only one entrant per address.

In the event that more people enter this contest than the DJIA * 100, the entrant pool will be divided into halves, or half-.5 and half+.5, and two winners will be found.  Each pool will be divided thusly until each pool is small enough that winners can be determined.

The odds of winning depend on how many people enter the contest. Each entrant has a roughly equal chance of winning.